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When you are choosing a fence to install in your yard or business, think about the reason you are installing it. Also, think about the design of your home and your own personal style. The fence you choose will become a permanent part of your home’s landscape, so make sure you make the right decision. Here are some tips for choosing the right fence for your yard.

Take a look at fences in other yards. See which ones strike your attention.

  • What is the purpose of the fence?
  • What type of fence would be beneficial if you have pets?
  • What type of fence would be safe for your small children?
  • Do you want increased privacy?
  • Work out a budget for your fence. Which type of fence can you safely afford?
  • Always hire a professional.

The personal relationships we develop with our customers during our jobs are key, along with the ability to give them what they ask for and more. We stand behind our services and can ensure quality results every time. Contact A-1 Precision Fence Co. today and receive the best in fencing care.

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Aluminum Fencing

The beauty of an aluminum fence is that it is graded to meet the type of community it was designed for. That includes individual grades for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

The Best Uses For An Aluminum Fence

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Communities
  • Multiple Decorative “Top” (spear top, flat-rail top, etc.) Options
  • Powder-coating Produces a Low-maintenance Finish That Lasts For Years
  • Versatile Enough For Residential Front Yards Or Security Perimeters


Steel Fencing

For a heavy duty structure that can stand at nearly any height on nearly any terrain, a steel fence is definitely an option. Once your fence has been installed, little maintenance is needed to upkeep its look. Designs are available to make your fence more appealing, especially if you will be using it to surround your estate.

The Best Uses For A Steel Fence

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Communities
  • Low-maintenance Style
  • Available For Chain Link Design Or Steel Poles
  • Galvanize/Coating Options For Weatherproofing


Wood Fencing

If you would like to create a property boundary that creates a warm, traditional look, you may want to look into purchasing a wooden fence. Whether you are seeking an old-fashioned split rail or a crisp, professional privacy wall, we can give you the characteristics you are looking for.

The Best Uses For A Wooden Fence

  • Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Aesthetic and Durable
  • Easy To Stain Or Paint For A Variety Of Colors
  • Versatile In Fencing Styles


Vinyl Fencing

Though primarily used for residential and commercial communities, vinyl fences can also be a pleasing way to block storage plants or wastes from public view. Vinyl fences (also known as plastic or PVC) are great for owners that want to perform little or no maintenance once their fence has been installed. They can mimic the look of wood and are highly economical.

The Best Uses For A Vinyl Fence

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Communities
  • Maintenance-free – No Need To Paint, Stain Or Treat For Rust
  • Highly Ornamental and Versatile, From Storage To Amusement Parks


Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences can start as low as four feet and extend up to 30 feet, depending on your need. When galvanized, your chain link fences can withstand rusting and prove to be effective in all situations.

The Best Uses For A Chain Link Fence

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties
  • Backyards
  • Industrial Plants
  • Playgrounds and Swimming Pools
  • Security Facilities
  • Wildlife Facilities



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